Monday, June 10, 2013

Tell It To Your Gran'Ma, Baby Face!

Ok, I only thought I was finished with Spy Smasher #2.  Turns out I wasn't.

The Eye commands that you slay him!  And the Nose commands that you bring me back some danish!

This guy only had one eye and he killed people somehow with it.  It was never really explained how that happened.  I don't know if he made people so uncomfortable with the staring that they killed themselves, or what.

Anyway.  Random Sucker Punch! (tm!):

Dang straight, you'll do nothing!

Hey, it's time for yet another new CMNS meme!  I call this one Everyone Should Start Saying That on a Regular Basis! (tm!)

Yeah!  Everyone Should Start Saying That on a Regular Basis! (tm!)

It's right up there with, "Satisfied, Crime Pooper?", which hasn't taken off yet but it totally will someday.

See you tomorrow!

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