Tuesday, June 4, 2013

But As Dick Rises...

I couldn't resist pulling another title from the Public Domain.  I've been on a Golden Age kick because... well, because modern comics have been a bit too violent for me lately, so I just want to read stuff that's fun.  Sooooo, let's add America's Best Comics to our rotation, shall we?

It's interesting that there was a Golden Age character called "Doc Strange," who was no relation to the Marvel character that we all know and love.  I don't know that Stan Lee or Steve Ditko (who created Doctor Strange) had heard of this character, but it's an awfully big coinkydink.  I mean, I understand that names like "The Vulture" get used over and over, but this one is pretty limited.

Now, the deal with Pyroman as I understand it, is that he was put in the electric chair and came out of it with electrical powers.  Of course, the name "Pyroman" leads you to believe he had fire powers, but the Human Torch's sidekick was called the Spanish name for "bull," so I'm not sure people gave these things a whole lot of thought.

All I know is that HEY!  It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

Well, don't leave me hanging!

Get it?

Meanwhile, contributor Robert Gillis came up with a great new CMNS meme.  We've covered the Excessively Impossibly Expository Dialogue (tm!), which is where a character says way too much within the time frame given by the artwork.  But Robert has given it a new twist, which he has appropriately named...

Got All That? (tm!)

How does it work?  Thusly, courtesy of Superman Family #167:

Got All That? (tm!)

That's awesome.  Thanks again, Robert!

Meanwhile, from the Sgt. Doyle story in Pep Comics #11, we give you yet another CMNS theme I like to call:

That Never Happened Ever. (tm!)

That Never Happened Ever. (tm!)

See You Tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

I'm glad the Major was faithful to the Geneva Convention. He was a chivalrous warrior.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

heh heh :D