Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh, Tom! You Beat Up a Subordinate! You're WONDERFUL!

Annd we're back!  Let's take a look at a hilarious ad I found in the Silver Age Phantom Lady #4....

.... and no, it isn't the bra ad, although I swear there totally was one.

Well, they're kind of giving it all away in the title, but let's go along for the ride, shall we?

Actually, Tom, that was a test to see if you could stand up for yourself.  You failed.  Your're totally fired.  Get out of my office.  You sicken me.

In other words, I'm a bitch.

Look at this ad!  I SAID LOOK AT IT!

Actually, Tom, this was all a clever ruse so I could watch you do weird exercises in your underwear.  Naughty me!

And several sexual assaults perpetrated by Sam unto Tom later...

Yeah, that's my management style!  And my dating style, too!  Hope you have good dental insurance, Betty!

Anyone talks about unionizing, and they'll be getting some more of what I gave Betty last night!

Whee!  That was fun.  Thank you, Silver Age!


Aaron Carine said...

So basically the factory is run like an antebellum plantation in the South.

Anonymous said...

OK this is just awesome. "Mini Gym" is what today's generation calls "play harness."

Buzz said...

He made himself into a real "comer."