Sunday, February 7, 2010

Send Me Up on the End of Some Cord Monday!

I generally don't like things complicated. If I have to consult an instruction manual before playing a video game, that's too much of a commitment. I also don't like most complicated movies or television shows because I'll get lost. I also don't read thick books or Alan Moore stories. Comedies, of course, cannot be of that sophisticated British sort or I will stare blankly without response.

That being said, I don't always understand Batman, although I like him as a character. For example:

From Batman #102. If you're Batman, are you really in need of padded steel arms coming out of the doorway to protect you? I mean, you're Batman. Who in the world is going to be dumb enough to waltz into your headquarters and request an ass-kicking? I was going to rob a bank, Batman, but I decided it would be more advantageous to my criminal career to come right to your door and avail myself to you! Is your mind officially blown, or what?

And then there are strategies in the field I don't understand, like this one from Batman #108:

Now granted, I've never stormed a fortress at all, much less without a firearm paving the way. But if the situation is so risky that I can't climb the side and hid among the rocks, I don't know about strapping myself to a giant kite and counting on an eleven year-old kid to safely land me.

Holy crap? Is that Batman? Is he really strapped to that kite? Fire away, boys!

This, I suppose, is why my career as a super-hero never got off the ground.

See you tomorrow!


D.B. Echo said...

"It's Batman! He's coming right at us! He's...oh, thank goodness, the wind shifted slightly. Now he's blowing away from us. he's plummeting right towards the ground in a death spiral! Whoops, Robin pulled him out, he's coming back at us...aha! A wind caught him, and now the cord - Robin let it play out to the end! Now he's just blowing away! Bye, bye, Batman!"

I had that happen with a kite once.

Unknown said...

Holy BatKite! Robin's only 11?

Lorenzo said...

Next issue's surprise villain: The Kite-Eating Tree!