Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Freaking Booger-Filled Head Thursday!

I like Silver Age stories because they were just so darn goofy:

And no one cares how ridiculous things got. This story involved a whole race of people who lost their faces, but no one stops to explain how they ate, breathed, or blew their noses. Can you imagine a lifetime of boogers that would accumulate?

Stupid kids:

I appreciate Oliver's intentions, but is he really helping things along? I mean, Darwinism still has a place, and if a kid this age thinks wearing a Superman costume is going to help him fly, he's probably not meant for a long happy healthy existence. Maybe this is just nature's way of thinning the herd of the weak and downright stupid. Everyone knows you need an umbrella to slow your descent before you jump off the roof, right?

I was kidding, children. Please don't jump off anything tall.

And now.... the Disappearing Mask of Green Arrow:

First you see it, then it's gone,

and then it's back!:

The reaction Green Arrow has here is no doubt the shock of finding his eyes at crotch level of a guy wearing a skirt. That's never a situation in which one wants to find oneself. It's one thing that you want to kill me, it's quite another if you want to force me to look at your junk. Seriously, not cool!

See you tomorrow!


Sea-of-Green said...

Dunno why Ollie ever bothered to wear a mask in the first place. Like no one's going to recognize those freaky whiskers of his.

Aurora Moon said...

That superman story is pretty much copying the Japanese mythology about faceless people... the Noppera-bō.

Basically, the noppera-bo has a few variations depending on their background.
in some stories, they were spirits who had lost their identity a long time ago. They had no idea who they really were... and were eternally obsessed with getting a identity of their own. Even to the point of attempting to steal the faces of living creatures, even if it would kill them in the progress!

in others, they were just simple creatures who liked to play mind games with you because they fed off the energy that was generated whenever you had a really strong emotion. They didn't always stay faceless neither... they could will their faces to appear and disappear at will, or even change their faces so that they took on the appearance of your loved one.

in a way, I sorta like the idea of a whole planet full of Noppera-bo going: "Gee! we got some more tourists! let's f**k around with them for fun, lol."
After all, as shows us, the superheroes tend to f**k around with others way too much... so karma was bound to bite them in the butt sooner or later. :p

Stephen R. said...

Big old 'mo that I am, I've found my eyes at the level of another man's crotch more often than Superman has proven his SuperDickery, so for me personally, it's cool. Even when the dude's wearing a skirt. Even when he's older and into serious cosplay.

What's SO not cool is when he wants his bald friend to watch! And his bald friend is wearing one of Bea Arthur's old MAUDE muu-muus. Not cool. At all!!!

Love your posts. This has fast become my favorite blog. Great work!

Zocktastic said...

Wow! AuroraMoon, you beat me to it! I was gonna make a comment about noppera-bo too! They're my favorite kind of yokai. So creepy...

Ollie Queen continues to amaze with his awesomeness, using a pseudo swear word in a Comics Code Authority-sanctioned book. You can bet Flash'd never get away with that.

"My freaking MIND!" should've become the Green Arrow's new catchphrase/battle cry after this.

Prospero said...

Apparently, one of those faceless freaks made it into that last Green Arrow panel... I smell a conspiracy...

Johnny said...

I dont know what's worse, the fact that a child has jumped off a building, or the fact that AN ARCHER IS GOING TO SHOOT HIM WITH AN ARROW?!
What was he thinking?
Probably "OHWWOOO"

Anonymous said...

I can tell already that I'm going to have a hard time not yelling "MY FREAKING MIND!" today. And for the rest of my life.