Friday, February 19, 2010

Latch On and Stand By for Impact Friday!

Today, we go back to our roots, and take a look at comics with holes in the plots - Comics that (dare I say it?).... Make No Sense!

Courtesy of World's Finest #226:

One hazard of being a friend with Superham (besides the fact that he comes across as just so darn smug all the time) is that when he screws you over,

he does a super job of screwing you over. No wonder Bruce tries to make Clark look stupid whenever possible.

Here's Clark's explanation for his douchebaggery:

This exonerates Clark of nothing. Let's assume for a moment that there was any real risk that the radar image of an object the size of two human beings is at any risk for being considered something besides a couple of geese. If Clark had to have the meteor so badly, why didn't he simply retrieve it before he and Bruce left terra firma to begin with? I'll tell you why: Because then, Clark wouldn't have had an excuse to remind Bruce that he can't fly and thereby re-establish the pecking order. That, and Clark is simply a jackass.

Can you blame Bruce for keeping that Kryptonite ring in the Batcave? I certainly don't.

And, since this was one of those wonderful "100 Pages for Only 60 Cents" issues, we got a Sandman reprint. Unfortunately, it was a reprint after he lost the green three-piece suit, gas mask, and fedora hat. And, since he was no longer badass, the Sandman apparently decided he'd have to be a gullible moron as well:

So, if I commit a crime, all I have to do is tell the Sandman I saw him in a dream and asked him for his help. Because apparently, the Sandman is so flattered to be told he showed up in some one's dream that this is all he needs to hear. I'm the Sandman! And I don't put people to sleep anymore because they took away my gas mask and gas gun and gave me a kid sidekick and purple-and-yellow tights! But someone saw me in a dream, and that's awesome! He couldn't have committed a crime! That dream (which I didn't actually participate in and can only rely on what the suspect tells me) proves it!

I'm sure writing comics is tougher than it sounds, but if you're going to do these kind of things, expect to show up in some blog decades later.

See you Monday!


Allergy said...

Ye gods! Clark and Bruce are a little too cuddly in the first panel there, if you ask me.

Use the damn Bat Plane, Bruce. You paid for it. And you get to decide when to jettison.

Murfyn said...

The "busy night for us" side of that last panel would make a good 'Out Of Context dialogue'.

Anonymous said...

Bruce's kryptonite gloves from the Dark Knight Returns are the best!!!