Thursday, October 4, 2007

Shenanigan-Laden Thursday!

Let's pause a moment and look at what we have here.

Asbestos. Boxing glove. Arrows.

Oliver is either the best anticipator of what an aerial pursuit will call for or he's one of the luckiest guys in tights. "What luck that we happened to have our asbestos boxing glove arrows handy!"

Not just boxing glove arrows, mind you. Asbestos boxing glove arrows.

Say it with me, class:

Blowfish are not filled with helium!

A seaman's flag! Insert your own "well, you've got to clean it up with something" joke in the comments!


Philip said...

After reading Showcase Presents: Green Arrow, I decided Ollie has a low-level precognitive ability that tells him exactly what kind of arrows he'll need in any given situation.

Anonymous said...

Are we not commenting on shooting an arrow that catches up with a jet?