Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guilt-Ridden Wednesday

I pass this on out of guilt:

Yes, even in the 1950's, people were told to get dental treatment for your dogs. I was negligent as to Gremlin, my shaggy little nine-pound ball of rabbit-killing fury. I finally got him in to clean his nasty choppers, and they had to pull nine (yes, NINE) of his teeth.

Fortunately, dogs have a lot of teeth and this doesn't seem to have slowed him down much (in fact, he seems to feel much better overall). But don't let this happen to you.

Oh, eeesh. They're sleeping in the same bed. Don't try and tell me they aren't. I am now officially never going to look at Oliver and Roy the same way again.

Green Arrow, corporate stooge. Any time someone tells you they are watching out for you and the insurance company, they're only watching out for the insurance company.


De said...

You know, I was willing to give the Golden Age Oliver Queen the benefit of the doubt... until now. I'm now kinda glad he bought it in the Crisis.

Sick bastard.

Anonymous said...

While they are sharing a bed, I'm not sure they're getting up to anything much. I mean, Roy's wearing a snappy blue business suit and Ollie's got some kind of corduroy coveralls on.

Adam Barnett said...

two words about the clothing: role-playing.

Anonymous said...

It kind of looks like two separate beds ... like married people were shown to use on TV in the 50s and 60s ... and pushed together for the hanky panky.