Monday, October 8, 2007

Better Late than Never Monday!

Wow! Am I running late today! Today was busy, busy, busy at the day job, so I'm sorry about the late post. Normally I try to get things going by 5:00 central time, but today was something else!

Hey, I never said I wouldn't take things out of context. There aren't very many rules to blogging, and that certainly isn't one of them. Just be proud of who you are, Superboy!

Maybe Superboy is having "queer feelings that he must change" because his own father makes Clark call him "Dad Kent."

You know, I'm sure this guy is a total butt-nugget, but he has a valid point. If there's no law that says I have to move huge rocks while wearing my best neon green three piece suit to save your careless ass, isn't a little negotiation in order?

This always annoys me in Aquaman stories. I don't think a bird ever has to listen to the fish king, whether that bird lives near the ocean or not. To me, whales are iffy (being mammals and all), but birds should be able to poop right on Arthur's face the next time he orders them to perform some kind of circus trick.


Anonymous said...

Did you make the extra summer cash by extorting it from Superboy or by selling sea eagle rides?


Anonymous said...

Technically, fat guy in the hideous green suit, the charge would be Negligent Homicide, I believe. So yes, kids, there is a law against bargaining to save Superboy's life from kryptonite.

Adam Barnett said...

hmmmmmm.... well, the laws defining homicide may vary in your state, but that wouldn't work in Oklahoma. Homicide in the Sooner State has 4 definitions: Murder, Manslaughter, Excusable Homicide or Justifiable Homicide and according to Title 21 Oklahoma Satutes Section 691 et seq, all of those, including Manslaughter, require you to make some sort of action that results in death. In this case, the guy in the green suit didn't cause Superboy to fly face-first into the kryptonite, so I think he'd walk.

Now, if your jurisdiction has some kind of "failure to render aid" crime, that may be a different story....