Monday, October 1, 2007

High Caliber Monday!

It's totally unfair to take things out of context, but I always think that when someone says something like, "Shoot him! It's for his own good!", we should give it the proper homage.

Especially when the line before it is, "Wait! I didn't swallow that drug!" That's just too good to ignore....

Um.... I guess the moral to this story is that all youngsters should sell salve and carry firearms just in case a gorilla gets loose? What the heck was going on in the 1950's that this was even a remote possibility, let alone a rational basis for a cautionary tale?

Your what? Your arrow ring? I have never, before or since, seen Oliver nor Roy wear anything called an arrow ring! You can't just make up devices to escape death traps. Unless you're Batman, in which case you can do it on a monthly basis.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who read that as "White Cloverine Brand Slaves"? Somehow, it really didn't change the ad all that much.

FoldedSoup said...

Batman gets the exception because, well..

He *is* the Goddamn Batman.

Anonymous said...

And he can breathe in space.

SallyP said...

So THAT's how Black Canary was able to shove an arrow through Ollie's neck on their wedding night! She was wearing his "arrow-ring" and it went off!

It's all so simple now.

Anonymous said...

Again, still baffled by the use of an arrow as a legitimate weapon. I could even buy monkeys with x-ray vision that melted metal but a little girl with a bow is not a threat.

Unless she just got her first period. Then all bets are off.