Friday, December 23, 2016

Why Didn't I Stick to Knitting? It's Not Nearly as Felonious!

Okay, Dear Ones, I'm afraid there will be no new posts until after the New Year commences.  I'm thinking it'll be 1/3/17, but I may be too happy that 2016 has finally ended to post anything.

Eh, it'll probably be 1/3/17.

But before we retire to the holidays, let's finish our look at Master Comics #46!

You may recall that when we previously say Bulletman, he was doing a solo story.  So, I guess in the interest of equal time or something:

Yes... a Bulletgirl solo story.  Although she has Bulletdog with her, so I'm not sure that counts as a solo story.

Anyway, Random Slap! (tm!)

And then things get all Mad Men:

Wow, Jim is a tool.

And then it leads to this:

And it turns out sexism isn't just limited to Bulletman:

I didn't realize the absence of a Y-chromosome made a person afraid of firearms.  Comics teach us the most random things, don't they?

This is an embarrassment to us all at this point.  Time to fade out:

Yeah, undermine the lady in your life and she'll just love you all the more, right?  I'm prepared to guess that the writer of this story didn't get a lot of attention from the ladies and was rather bitter about it.

And finally:

Yay!  I've captured Hitler!

Sort of!

I *COULD* end the war right now, but I'm going to just leave!  For no reason!  Because, COMICS!

See you in 2017!

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Gene Phillips said...

Is Minute Man diving, or flying? I didn't think he could fly.