Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Which CMJ Socks German Germs!

Checkity-checking out Master Comics #45!

I had thought that "German Germs" was just a dig, but I should have known better.  Thusly:

That grumpy fellow is Von Krumm and he has a new approach to germ warfare:

Well.... not really.  I don't know if "people can become allergic to anything," but after one cough or a sneeze, this stuff just makes you lazy.  Thusly:

And this is where things start to get complicated for me.  Are the members of the Marvel Family immune to poison and the like?  At first, it seems they are:

Remember this, because I'm going to bring it up again.

It was that day that people began referring to Captain Marvel Jr. as "Captain Buzzkill."

Anyway, CMJ gets to the bottom of things, but the guy is so physically harmless that there's not a lot to it:

See?  Mashing the gun is the biggest thing happening there.

Well, until this:

I would ask plenty of questions before taking any pills that guy handed me, but I'm also not about to get my clock cleaned by CMJ.


Okay, first?  You should probably get someone to explain to you how the pills works before you ingest them.  That should be a given, but apparently it isn't.

Also, if the gas didn't work on him, why do the pills?  I'm not a doctor, so get one to explain that to you and then explain it to me.

Moving on...

See what I mean about "figuring out how the pills work before you take them"?  This is kind of what I was getting at.

CMJ kind of deserved that kick for being so careless.  I like the character, but yeesh.

Then things get kinda cool:

Am I the only one thinking of that old Dr. Mario video game right now?  Beloved really liked that game.

So then this happens:

To the writer's credit, they didn't just decree that switching identities back and forth would magically undo everything.  That happens in Marvel Family stories when they write themselves into a corner.  But in this case, we go the extra step: 

Hmmmm... again, I'm not sure how the Marvel Family digestive system works, but that's proportionately a gigantic pill!

Now watch this:

Okay, what does CMJ say instead of "Shazam" to change to Freddy Freeman and vice versa?  The writer apparently forgot, because CMJ shouts out his magic word and nothing happens.  Thusly:

Okay, enough of that.  Check out this ad for war bonds and stamps!

I looked up what it means to "do it up brown."  Most sources think it came from the concept of cooking meat until it was brown.  Regardless, it means to do things emphatically.  It's funny how expressions come and go.

There was even a song back in the 50's!  Here it is because I love ya!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hi, Adam. Enjoying your posts, as always. Nothing else to say here, I'm too excited that it isn't below zero anymore.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME MONSTERS! Therefore it's a great story!

Luv your turns of phrase Adam, comic genius!

Captain Blog said...

My mother used to say do it up brown.
Meant cooking meat well done, therefore a job well done.