Monday, December 19, 2016

When the Falcon Teamed Up with the Suicide Squad! With Penguins!

Starting off the week with an appropriately wintery Master Comics #44!

Okay, see the penguins?  I thought for sure this was just a little one-panel bit of lighthearted amusement just to mix things up from the usual patriotic covers cheering on the war effort.

And I thought wrong.

Yes.  This CMJ story involves nothing but penguins.  And it's the November, 1943 issue of Master Comics so it's not like WWII was over or anything.  But no... penguins.

And more importantly... how can they be so articulate without lips?

Well, I suppose that isn't more important, but it's still a fair question.

Anyway, CMJ arrives and there is indeed trouble afoot... or a'flipper, as the case may be:

Cue the awkward fighting poses!

I strongly suspect we have some recycled artwork there.  Not that I wouldn't do the same thing.

That look of horror on CMJ's face?  He just realized that these aren't some aliens who took on the form of penguins or something.  No, these are penguins.  Just penguins.  Every time you see a penguin?  They have a city of their own, can talk and can communicate telepathically.  NORMAL penguins.  Kudos to the writer for going all-in, but I think he got a little greedy there.

Yeah, the guys there are stealing something that acts as the heat and light source of the penguins' city, blah blah blah whyamIstillreadingthis?

So, instead of seeing CMJ beating up Nazis, we get to see CMJ beating up guys stealing batteries from penguins.

And the penguins get involved as well, because it's not like this story is going to get any dumber:

And then things take a very dark turn:

To review: The guys just got a life sentence in Penguin Jail.  It's not like they're ever going to be released.  I tell you, penguins are cute and all, but don't cross them.

And, as I promised, the team-up you never knew between the Falcon and the Suicide Squad!:

This technically was not a lie...

See you soon!

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