Tuesday, January 3, 2017

That Time Hitler Got Powers... Or at Least a Costume!

And we're back!  I hope yours was awesome!

Let's start the new year off right with Master Comics #47!

Neat cover... but the real payoff is inside:

Oh, yeah.  This is happening!

Let the awesomeness commence:

That's either artistic license to show how scary the Gestapo seemed, or they had access to Pym particles.


And for no reason, along comes Hitler!  Awesome!

Even Hitler appreciated a Random Spanking! (tm!)

But then he figured out he also wasn't represented too well in American funny books:

So he puts his scientists to work at finding him a magic word.  Thusly:

And the propaganda machine starts a'rolling!

Adolf then decides to go to America to observe CMJ in action to get a better grasp of the whole thing:

Freddy just said the magic word in front of Adolph Hitler and didn't change into CMJ.  I'm not trying to be that guy, but that's pretty sloppy writing.

Anyway, there's a robbery and CMJ goes about smacking the bandits:

And Adolf tries the same thing:

And then Hitler disappears!

Sadly, he didn't stay in that trash can forever, but he got his eventually.  That was a fun story and a great way to start the year!

See you soon!


Unknown said...

It's weird how Hitler and the Nazis were portrayed as bumbling goofballs before and during the war. It seems that Americans underestimated just how evil the Nazis were at the time.

George Chambers said...

Wow: That's a drastic art change compared to the previous Junior stories!