Thursday, August 25, 2016

Captain Marvel and Bulletman vs. Captain Nazi! And It's as Awesome as It Sounds!

If anyone thinks that Fawcett couldn't deliver the dramatic goods, I give ye Master Comics #21:

Yup.  A Bulletman/Captain Marvel crossover with the first appearance of Captain Nazi.  Prepare for a wave of awesomeness!

First, let's check in on Adolph:

Near as I can tell, Nazis weren't common in Master Comics up to this point, unless Minute-Man's foe Illyrea was a Nazi and that just slipped past me.  Anyway, here's Captain Nazi:

And Adolph basically wants him to fight the varsity squad of the Fawcett Comics Universe:

What?  El Carim gets a pass?

Anyway, the notion of a super-powered Nazi is a pretty scary one, leading to this dramatic one-man invasion scene:

For the 1940's, that ain't half bad!

Anyway, here Captain Marvel and Bulletman meet:

They split up while Captain Nazi looks to bring about death and destruction on a massive scale:

But seriously?  None of that is going happen with Captain Marvel guest-starring:

Yup.  Captain Marvel brings the awesome.


As we'll see, the notion that Captain Nazi can "knock Captain Marvel's ears off" is something that wouldn't happen on Captain Marvel's worst day, but empty bluster from the Nazi is kind of the point.

Moving on, Captain Nazi tries to kill carnival goers by bringing down a Ferris wheel:

That's some pretty dang nightmarish imagery.

And there's more:

But Bulletman isn't having that at all:

Which leads to the big conflict:

Now, Bulletman is strong and powerful.  I'm not taking anything away from him.  But he is nowhere near Captain Marvel-level powerful.  He just isn't.  So, if Captain Nazi can't take Bulletman in hand-to-hand combat, it's a foregone conclusion that Captain Marvel could beat him every morning before breakfast and twice on Sundays.

Did you notice Captain Nazi has a holster?  It ain't just for show!:

I think this was meant to show that we could overcome Nazi weaponry.  Everything about this story seems to have some underlying message.


Yup.  Even the children aren't safe if Adolph has his way.

But that ain't happening on our watch:

So, even though he's 0-for-2 against our heroes, Captain Nazi is still stupid enough to announce his plans:

Nerve or stupidity... take your pic.

Anyway, he follows through because there he is:

Well, Captain Nazi, I'm kind of surprised you're surprised, considering you double-dog-dared someone to stop you.  I'd think you'd have figured it out at this point.  Ah, the hubris of the so-called "Master Race."

Dynamite thrown at Captain Marvel?  As if:

Again... as if.

So, as you can see, I really liked this story.  It had a sense of purpose from a writing standpoint, some pretty daring artwork, and an underlying message that the enemy is real, scary and right at our doorstep but we can overcome.  This tale got a big thumbs-up from me.

Well, if we overlook the ending:

Way to break the Fourth Wall, guys.

I don't care.  It was still awesome.

See you tomorrow!


Smurfswacker said...

Dang! Captain Nazi and Mac Raboy! It doesn't get much better than that!

Evil said...

So Deadpool is NOT the first comic character to display awareness that he's in a comic!