Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hall of Fame: Amazing Spider-Man #153: February, 1976 (Gil Kane / John Romita)

Considering the popularity of the character, dang near everyone is going to have their favorite eras of The Spider-Man, and this is one of mine.  Yes, the story is rather cheesy... just in case Spidey jumping through a goal post carrying a child isn't enough of a clue.

It has everything wrong with a cover: Distracting text, a thug who talks like Dr. Doom, five guys shooting point blank at our hero and somehow missing.... but I love it.  I love it and I don't care who knows.  I have a reproduction of it hanging in my office as well.

Yes, I have a lot of reproduction of comics covers hanging in my office.  Beloved thought that since I spent so much time there, I should enjoy my surroundings.

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