Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Origin of Bulletgirl! As if we care.

Kind of back in order now with Master Comics #13!

This ish is a collector's item of sorts.  If you are a collector of the first appearance of the most ineffective sidekicks ever.

Anyway, it starts us out here:

I have no idea how this came about because I don't have the previous issue yet.  It's on but I can't seem to log in.  These things happen.

Anyway, Susan finally knows who Bulletman is even though she's seen his face about a million times.

But now to explain:

What?  Killing germs makes you strong?  What?  I don't think it works that way at all.  I'm not a doctor, though.  Watch someone correct me on this one.

Anyway, Bulletman decided he was too cool to have a girl around, so off he went.  Only he gets himself captured by someone who clearly has no idea how Bulletman's powers work:

I think we've already established that Bulletman is impervious to bullets as death by a bullet would cause the universe to collapse under the irony.  He can also bust out of those ropes at any time (we've seen him break chains after all) and if you try to drop him in the shark tank, he'll just just fly away.  Lupo needs to research his enemies more carefully.

Note that she named herself "Bulletgirl" and not "Bulletwoman."  I really don't know at what point you're supposed to quit calling an adult woman a girl, but I do know that if you try and guess you will always guess wrong.

Way to blurt out her name, JIM.  That's a serious violation of costumed crimefighter code there.

What?  She injected herself with the strength serum?  Then why does she keep getting taken hostage all the time?  Yeesh!

And now... the long awaited return of a feature we like to call He probably should have seen that coming. (tm!)


... probably should have seen that coming. (tm!)

See you tomorrow!

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