Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's Minute-Man Heading You Off as Usual!

So, are you liking that I'm putting the covers of issue's I'm talking about or is that just a waste of bandwidth?  All things being equal, I kind of like it.

This is a copy very familiar to those of us who read All in Cover for a Dime, as it was one of the covers highlighted in the middle.  I checked All in Cover for a Dime out of the Bartlesville Public Library a ridiculous amount of times as a youngster.

Anyway, this is the second appearance of Illyria.  I didn't know she was going to be a recurring character, or I might have been a little less bored with her in the previous issue:

One thing you should know about Illyria:

Her medical records noted she was a "difficult patient."

Anyway, she was some kind of mastermind of some sort.  Here we see her about to bomb spectators at a Fourth of July fireworks presentation.  DIABOLICAL!

Now, Minute-Man can't fly.  But he's clever, which is just as good:

Minute-Man also referred to himself in the third person.  A lot.

But be that as it may...

Minute-Man would totally kill a guy:

And thusly:

Ooooooh.... way harsh, Minute-Man!

But what of Illyria?  Well....

Lucky break, because Minute-Man was clearly going to let her crash...

What?  So, you'd send her screaming to an explosive death but you couldn't take her down with one shot because of her lack of a Y-chromosome?  Your sense of chivalry is a little hard to follow, Minute-Man.

Anyway, here she is escaping.

It's more dramatic if you play "The Lonely Man" theme from the tv version of The Incredible Hulk while you look at it:

See?  A CMNS Multimedia Experience (tm!) at no extra charge!

See you tomorrow!


Gene Phillips said...

Illyria was a fun villain. She sometimes had a bit of a "Catwoman" vibe about her.

Fun fact: one time a beautiful doll tries to "reward" the hero, and he flatly tells her, "sorry, but Minute-Man hasn't got a minute."

That's borderline rude--

Hypersmash Studios said...

Just a heads up -- the title of the book was All In COLOR For A Dime, not COVER.