Monday, August 22, 2016

Mr. Murder is the Big Cheese I'm After!

I take it everyone has heard the news about the Runaways tv show coming to Hulu?  I have high hopes.

But until then, let's start the week with Master Comics #15!

Okay, see how they're so impervious to harm that they're able to fly right through a tank?  I buy that, because we've seen Bulletman shrug off bullets because of the serum he (and later Susan) took.  Let's keep that in mind for a moment.

You'd think that after Bulletman had his secret ID blown with Susan, he would have figured out that wearing a mask might be prudent.  But, nope.  Maybe he's hoping that Sarge will also figure out who Bulletman is so he can become Bulletsarge or something.  If not, the Bullets would have to spend less time hiding in curtains if someone just went to the five-and-dime and bought a couple of cheap masks.

See?  Sarge is already on it, and I'm pretty sure this is the first time he ever caught a glimpse of Bulletgirl.

That's a bit of insecurity for Bulletgirl, demanding acknowledgement like that.  But then again, she was a newcomer and it's not like there was social media she could have gone to.


Secret identities?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I would think that blurting out Susan's name in front of a guy who calls himself "Mr. Murder" would be a party foul.

Okay, let's remember that Susan is probably as strong and impervious to harm as Bulletman.  Fair enough?

Okay... so far, so good.

Again... doesn't anyone care about secret identities here?  Maybe that was just payback for earlier.  Or maybe it's too awkward to say "Bulletman" and "Bulletgirl."  If that's the case, they should come up with nicknames.

You know what name is hard for me to say?  "Hawkwoman."  But I also struggled with "Hawkgirl" and "Hawkman."  I think "Hawk" is just a weird word across the board.  But speaking of the Hawks, how happy was I that they were written out of DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

Anyway, back to my point about Bulletgirl:

Okay... let's remember that A) this guy calls himself Mr. Murder and B) Bulletgirl most likely has nothing to fear from bullets.  Or, if nothing else, she could just fly away.

That is, she could have until she surrendered to Mr. Murder for no apparent reason:

Okay, I guess between the no-mask and no-use-of-code-names policies, the Bullets just don't sweat the whole secret identity thing.

Yeah, we might as well just change the title of the series to "Jim and Susan!"

And I'm not 100% sure that anyone whose body can withstand flying through a tank really needs rescuing from a 2 or 3 story fall.

I'm overthinking it, aren't I?  Moving on:

I put that on there because whoever that bad guy is, he's hilarious.  He's all scowly with that Dutch Boy hair cut.  Awesome!

The origin of El Carim is there, too.  I didn't read it all the way through because I simply don't have any interest, but there it is.

Yeah, he's totally going into the Costume Hall of Shame (tm!)  for his awful fashion sense.  He's not so bad it's good... but it's dang near.

Let's end things today with... REVENGE! (tm!)

REVENGE! (tm!)

See you tomorrow!


Cflmaior said...

Dear Adam, at the risk of overburdening your comments section, I would like to bring to your attention the following lines re Bulletgirl being deprived of her helmet (which gives her male-like power) and falling down "a 2 or 3 story fall" (with a dream-like background - and being rescued by a male - in panel #12):
"When a person of the female sex dreams of falling, this almost always has a sexual significance; she becomes a fallen woman, and, for the purpose of the dream under consideration, this interpretation is probably the least doubtful (p. 68). ...
Dreams of falling are more frequently characterized by anxiety. Their interpretation, when they occur in women, offers no difficulty, because they nearly always accept the symbolic meaning of falling, which is a circumlocution for giving way to an erotic temptation (p. 123). - Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), A.A. Brill, translator.
Am I "overthinking" it ? Or should I stay with Jung ?

Adam Barnett said...

It's pre-Seduction of the Innocents, so you're probably onto something.... :-)