Friday, August 26, 2016

In Which Fawcett Comics Apparently Figured Out that Crossovers Sell Comics

So we get to Master Comics #22 with the introduction of Captain Marvel Jr., who would be the face of the title until it's cancellation some 100 issues later:

Hmmmmm... Look at Bulletman and Captain Nazi fighting there.  Now scroll down to yesterday's post where Bulletman grapples with Captain Nazi.  I'm pretty sure they just flipped the image over and recycled it.  That's a pretty bold thing to do, considering the recycled image came from the most recent issue, but hey... comics were a dime.

Anyway, the tale that brings them together starts out with a guy named Dr. Eternity who has a list of people he wants to preserve in wax, hence his name.  Here we see the fallout after the doctor's goons take away his latest victim: 

Okay, keep in mind that if the doctor had wanted her, Lady Eliot could have been snatched at the same time.  Clearly, he has no interest.  She is in no danger at all.

Keep that in mind for a second:

Okay, what does Susan have to do for Lady Eliot?  Hand her tissues while she cries?  She's in no danger.  I think Jim was just not in the mood to be saving her that day.

And then this happened:

I think Whiz Comics was selling quite well at the time.  I'm not sure why we had to keep shilling the title at the expense of breaking the Fourth Wall.

Anyway, here comes Captain Marvel Jr. to save the story from going completely fubar:

Oh, man.  Et tu, Freddy?

Okay, the word that makes him change is "Captain Marvel."  Everyone got that?  If he says the word, the lighting strikes, no questions asked:

Yes, the lightning absolutely should have struck again and changed him back to Freddy.  There is no cooldown period.  Granted, that put the writer in a heck of a pickle because Junior shouldn't have been able to introduce himself without calling down the lighting, but them's the breaks.  Figure it out!  That's why they pay you fifty cents a page to write this stuff!

Ugh.  Let's watch Junior beat up Captain Nazi.  It'll make us all feel better.

Okay, I feel better.

Oh, Junior.  How can I stay mad at you?

Here's something you can use as your Tinder avatar:

No extra charge.  I live to give.

See you Monday!

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