Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hall of Fame: Daredevil #158: May, 1979 (Frank Miller, Joe Rubenstien)

I had picked up various issues over the years but hadn't subscribed to Daredevil until the late 1970's.  Over the years, I found myself sad that my subscription hadn't kicked in until issue #159, one month too late from this incredible cover.  And back in the 1980's, if you didn't catch a Frank Miller comic when it was on the stands, it was going to be cost-prohibitive to get it from a back-issue shop.

But these days, I have a reproduction of this cover that's about 2 feet by one feet hanging in my office.  I groove on it because it declare's Miller's intent to focus on the "devil" aspect of the character, and what better way to do that than to have Hornhead skulking around a graveyard under a full moon?

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