Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Superman-Batman Team Up You'd Rather Not See... BUT HERE IT IS!

Dear Ones, this is the first post I've written post return from vacay.  I had a pretty good week, hanging out with the fam.  Beloved and I went to see The Book of Mormon and it was hilarious.  Go see it if you can.  We also officially gave up on The Walking Dead when we tried to eyeguzzle season 5 on DVD.  Seriously, it's just gotten mean-spirited and there are too many good shows out there for us to put that stuff in our heads.

Other than that, let's catch up on a couple of random mutterings from Superman #227, which came about before the "new" Superman we've started looking at.  But I had the panels sitting around and I don't waste anything.

With that...

Perry White has never been overly particular about his produce.

Fast forward a couple of issues to this:

Can you imagine Batman doing that sort of thing these days?  He was downright jolly back in the day.

That reminds me: I had an awful cold the week before I went on vacay.  I gave it to Beloved, because we share everything, and we spent days just watching Hulu and riding it out.  During the course of the week, I made her homemade butternut squash soup, homemade cream of broccoli soup, homemade green lentil soup, and then some lamb chops with garlic and rosemary when she was feeling a bit better.  I can make dang near anything from scratch, but I can't properly toast frozen waffles.  True story.


Am I the only one who notices that Batman and Perry White share the same physique in this story?  Seriously, either Perry has been hitting the gym or Bats has totally given up.

So, let's segue into the "new" Superman era once again with this exchange from issue #234:

I know we're not supposed to like Morgan Edge, but am I the only one who sees his point?  I mean, they are a news organization, not the U.N.

See you tomorrow!


Gummboote said...

I felt the same way about The Walking Dead season 5 when it was broadcast and have pretty much dropped the show by now. It just got too ugly, and when it isn't actively unpleasant it feels as if it's got nowhere left to go.

Adam Barnett said...

IKR? Beloved and I only got through the end of the second episode before we looked at each other and decided that while we really enjoyed it for a time, it had gone from brainless zombies instinctively doing what brainless zombies do to regular people being incredibly cruel to each other. We can handle violence... heck, we ended up binging on the third season of Vikings. But we don't like seeing people victimized so we avoid shows like that. It's a shame.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

That volcano story reminded me of the old plantation days. One clever thing about these issues is that Edge sends Kent halfway around the globe to cover events, so he could just set the old 8mm on record and go fight whatever menace, instead of throwing up blood and pretending he has a cold. What else could that red splotch be, unless Perry threw up that fruit he ate.

Re: TWD. I think the violence you refer to never appeared in the comic. The story line at Terminus and then later the Wolves were never in the comic, the latter case involved characters that were killed off in a few pages. It appeals to the right demographic, which I'm well past, and it is interesting to see the different ways that people attempt to survive. The Wolves are almost tribal. The thing I'd like to see, just as I would buy a few one-shots, would be a bunch of nice, peaceful 15 minute webisodes that they would have no reason to fit into the show. Like in-between or off-screen stuff.

Not trying to re-convert you, but if you ever give Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD a try, book and then film, I think that is the only book I've read where I honestly thought about how I know this is how we are all going to end up.

Gene Phillips said...

Wayne Boring really didn't "get" Batman, did he? The Caped Crusader looks like an over-the-hill wrestler.

Adam Barnett said...

I'm well past every demographic myself, Wayne! And I have indeed seen *The Road*, and I agree... probably the most likely portrayal of post-apocalyptic life. I haven't read the book, but now that you mention it, I imagine I will. After I finish The Count of Monte Cristo, that is (only about 800 pages to go!).