Monday, December 7, 2015

In Which Superman the Piffle-Diffle Enters the Computer Age

Issues like Superman #244 are just so dang quaint.  Here we are introduced to.... the computer!

Apparently, you just type in your question, and it'll give you an answer about anything:

Although I can't vouch for the accuracy, because I'm pretty sure the purple haze is this:

Anyway, computers came in one size and were sentient:

Man, in the early versions, Siri's personality was dang complicated.

So, we have something that is sentient that spawned an offspring who really means to do no harm.  What do we do?  Well, if we're Superman, we kill everything:

Way harsh, Superman.  And frankly, I'm not sure you have much of a career in IT.

One last look into the future before we go?  Sure!

He is something of a piffle-diffle.

See you tomorrow!

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