Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Superman and Sandy Superman Saga

I have to admit, I was tempted to watch last Monday night's Supergirl episode because it had a live-action version of the Red Tornado.  Anyone see it?

Moving along to more of the "Amazing NEW Adventures of..."

Bleh.  Next issue!

Superman fighting giant ants, as seen here in issue #237, has been the highlight of the new direction so far.  Then again, anyone fighting giant ants is the highlight of pretty much anything.  Next issue!

Okay, that cover pretty much tells us all we need to know.  Ever since the "NEW!" adventures began, Superman has been dealing with a doppelganger made of sand who takes his powers.  I guess this was to compensate for the removal of Kryptonite from the scenario.  Surprisingly, a Superman made of sand should be awesome in a terrible way, and yet it isn't.

So, Superman is losing powers (again) and this time there's a sand Superman popping up here and there.  That's really all you need to know.

Then this happens:

Superman finally loses his powers entirely.  This is something that seemed to be happening to DC Comics back in the day - Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans were also taken out of costumes and were pretty much powered down.  DC Comics: Where We Know You'd Much Rather Read about People with No Exceptional Abilities Whatsoever.

Anyway, at least they decided that wouldn't fly with the big red "S".

I'm not sure who that guy was, but he had something to do with the powerless Wonder Woman era.  But he knows arcane arts.... because all Asians do, right?

Anyway, Superman gets his powers back and "starts" overdoing things

I say "starts" overdoing things because it seems to me that, historically speaking, Superman kind of always overdid things, using more power than necessary seemingly for no other reason than to impress himself.  It's just that people started calling him out on it.

Anyway, the reason for his excessive power use and arrogant attitude had something to do with the sand Superman.  Here's his origin:

Yeah.  That happened.

And then:

Yes, this is Wonder Woman.  She wore all white, either because someone decided that any color would hover dangerously close to being interesting or she had a veil in her pocket that she could throw on in a pinch just in case she received an impromptu marriage proposal.  And, as is often the case, Superman is actually a more interesting character when he's just coming right out and being a jerk.

And then there's more on the sand Superman situation and then:

Hmmmmm... I think we went into a reprinted story there.  I can't force myself to pick up the comic again, so we'll take it either way.

See you tomorrow!


Gummboote said...

The oriental guy was named "I Ching". I wonder was there ever a Chinese comic with a character named Holly Bibble?

Railbus said...

"I will forebear expressing the pity I feel for expressing the pity I feel for you...."

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I love that Sand Superman was created from the imprint Superman made when he fell on his @ss. You can't pay me to read most of the nu52, but for the past six months, in about five different titles, Superman has been depowered with no explanation why. It is still going on, but a two or three months back, the word Quarm was mentioned and one of the old farts like me who works at my LCS asked if I remembered the stories you've been talking about.I fell into his trap and said yes, and he produced a HC he got cheap on Amazon, one of those over-sized DC Classics books. $39.99, but he sold it to me for $12.00. I hope you see this run through to the end.

Also, what was with everyone saying "Ye Gods!" in all those Silver Age stories?