Friday, December 11, 2015

In Which Terra-Man Shows Superman a Thing or Two About Branding

So Superman #250 rolls around and I'm expecting something kinda awesome because the 250th issue of any title is certainly something of a milestone.  I was surprised to see this:

Wasn't Terra-Man just introduced in the last issue?

Well, yes he was.

Although I admit to a growing fondness for the character it rather surprised me that (A) we'd see him again so soon and (B) that he'd be Superman's foe for a landmark issue.  It reminded me of the 90's, when Bane and Doomsday went from first appearance to top of their respective rogues galleries.  Call me a traditionalist, but you should only get top-billing after you've paid your dues, and that simply takes time.  It's the same reason I hate televised singing competitions.

But, to be fair, Terra-Man has proven to be somewhat awesome, so how loudly can I complain?  Well, we all know the answer to that is that I can complain quite loudly, but that's not the point.  Here we see Terra-Man in prison after last issue:

I'm not sure he's "the most dangerous criminal the world has ever seen," mind you.  That's pushing it a bit.  But he is able to hold his own against Superman with nothing more than proficiency with alien weaponry, and that's pretty badass.

And he has some valid complaints about the typical department of corrections services in America:

Well, they're better about locking teenagers up with adults for minor offenses, but we've still got a long ways to go when dealing with our kids who commit crimes.  Terra-Man gets half a point for that one.

But what finally pushes him over the edge?  Crappy prison food:

Yeah, bad food would do it for me, too.

So, they're tossing a guy into solitary because he's being quiet?  I don't think I'd do well in prison at all.  The rules make no sense and ... well, the food is bad, and I likes me creature comforts.

So, he breaks out... which apparently he could have done at any time because all he has to do is whistle for his winged horse. The winged horse is named "Nova," by the way.

You enjoy some interesting wall decor, Sir.  I'll give you that.

What constitutes a ruckus, Terra-Man style?


That was actually pretty cool.  We can't deny it.

Hey... did you know that picture phone technology was readily functional in the 1970's?

Well... it was functional.  Thanks for throwing technological progress back about 40 years, Superman.


Well, you kids with your body art just don't think in the long-term.  That "TM" on your face might not look so hot when you're a grandpa.

Yeah, I know.... you're going to be young forever and the calendar doesn't apply to you.  Just wait, whippersnappers.  It goes by more quickly than you think.

Know what other technology they had ahead of the rest of us?  This:

I would have bought a Power Glove back in the day if it meant I could have beaten up everyone this side of Superman:

So, yeah.  I think I'm sold on Terra-Man.  He didn't even need his own theme song.

But he totally had one:

See you Monday!


maw maw said...

That last panel reminds me of the mid-1960s era Mighty Comics troubadour.

Il Distratto said...

It's a great tune but I must use all my superpowers to keep it from becoming a hit!