Monday, December 14, 2015

Terra-Man: The Cosmic Cowboy, The Gangster of Love... Some People Call Him Maurice...

So I was reading through Superman 251-258 and was just feeling all "blah" about it.  It could be because I tend to get the blues on Friday.  I don't know why that is.  You'd think I'd be all kinds of happy on Friday, what with the weekend coming and whatnot, but Friday is the saddest day of the week for me.

But then along comes issue #259, with the return of whom I have concluded is the most under-rated bad guy in the history of comics, if not all of literature: Terra-Man.

See?  Terra-Man just brings the awesome with him wherever he goes.

I suppose I should mention there was some incredibly awful subplot going where Superman could only use his super-strength for a fraction of a second, so he basically used a disabled kid like some sort of super-power safe deposit box.  When he needed strength, this happened:

Yeah.  And it happened more than once.

To get that out of our head, let's go back to Terra-Man:

Terra-Man was pure badass.  Yeah, he had a lot of weapons, but he was right there in the fight.  No sitting in a hidden stronghold while robots and the like did all the heavy lifting.  He was right in there getting his hands dirty.

Anyway, Superman cheats.  And then he steals Terra-Man's technology:

Yeah, feel free to use his stuff without asking, Mr. Good Guy.

Fortunately, and thanks to Terra-Man, we wouldn't see any more drawings of Superman with the head of a lynx growing out of his noggin.  I'm really not sure what that was all about and I just don't care enough to read it again.  It's not like this is my job or anything.

See you tomorrow!


Cflmaior said...

Maybe Curtis Swan drew Superman with a feline on his pate unconsciously: in Greek mythology (whence the image of a winged horse also comes), Herakles/Hercules, an invincible hero, used the hide of the Nemean Lion as his invulnerable armor, the head of which doing duty as the helmet.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I remember the comic, and that wouuld make some sense if Superman didn't have to whisper the word lynx.

Terra-Man should have fought Vigilante. Was this the era where they were adding back-up features to justify raising the price to 40 cents?

Adam Barnett said...

Yup, but it was to 25 cents and they were doing the ultra-boring "untold tales of Krypton" feature.

James Robert Smith said...

A strangely creative guy I used to know created a superhero called The Pillow. If he didn't whisper his own name every minute then he would turn into a pillow. Yeah. A bed pillow. I don't recall how he changed back into a person if this happened. As I said, he was a strangely creative guy and created some really funny mini-comics in his day.

That panel with Superman whispering "Lynx" reminds me of the panels of The Pillow whispering "pillow".