Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Is this Superman Comic Burning an Eternal Flaaaaaaaame?

Superman #260 introduces us to a major change in the Superman character:

Did you see that?  He actually dealt with wild animals in a humane fashion.  No unnecessary violence?  No juggling the bears and then throwing them thousands of yards away from their habitat?  I don't know what the situation is on his current power level, but it may be a good thing if the guy cools it with beating up on beasts.

Speaking in the language of the Medieval Scandinavians?

You mean perfect English?  I'm not sure why you're dragging the Medieval Scandinavians into this.

But this was awesome:

I've watched three seasons of Vikings on the History Channel, and I highly recommend it.  But I will tell you that I have yet to see anyone riding wolverines chasing gigantic rats.  The series isn't finished, though

Again, having watched the Vikings series, I realize they looked at life in a way that we shall describe as "unique."  But "he saved you?  Kill him!" even for Vikings seems way harsh.

The keeper of the eternal flame?  We should be listening to this while the two of them fight:

Yeah, I could have done the Bangles version, but this one from the show Outsourced was way funnier.

Almost as funny as this:

Well, exhaling is one way.  I'd pay cash money to see him get rid of it the other way.

See you tomorrow!

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