Thursday, December 17, 2015

Superman vs. The Giant Flaming Wolf

I love Silver Age covers.  Check out this installment of 

Well.... That's That. (tm!)

Well.... That's That.  (tm!)

Moving on to another awesome cover: 

See?  Photography in comics is always awesome.  Can the story live up to the hype?  You be the judge:

Um.... well, it is a giant flaming wolf.


Ooooookay, we're jumping into the giant flaming wolf's mouth and it's a portal to another world.  You're losing me.

Okay, we're done.  There may be some story in mythology to this effect, but I couldn't find it.  So, either this is a terrible story on its own merits or they appropriated a story that was terrible hundreds of years ago, and that's even worse.  If you're going to swipe a story, at least swipe a good one.

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

"I love Silver Age covers."

Errr...actually, both the covers are from 1973, the Bronze Age, not Silver Age.
The Silver Age ended in 1970-71 with Kirby's move from Marvel to DC, mass series cancellations at both companies, and the closing of several companies like Tower.
The Bronze Age opened with the revision of the Comics Code to allow anti-drug tales and horror elements like vampires and werewolves.

Cflmaior said...

It is a good story, actually: in Norse mythology, Fenrir, a monstrous wolf, son of Loki (on whom the Marvel character is based) and the giantess Angrboda, is brother to Jormungand (the snake from Midgard) and Hel (Death). Fenrir figures prominently in the Heimskringla, an old Norse saga by Snorre Sturluson (of Verne's Voyage to the Center of the Earth fame).
However, I wonder whether Superman's wish to "destroy the Pentagon" would be taken lightly nowadays.

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, I tend to get a little lost sometimes on the publication date of long-running titles, so the early Bronze sometimes gets called Silver by me-who-doesn't-always-bother-to-check-the-publication-dates (that's the name on my birth certificate... it's just easier to go by, "Adam"). I had actually tried to use the Google to get the Apollo story and... well, if I have to go more than 3 pages, I move on. But I DID notice the "destroy the Pentagon" language and thought, "nope." :-)

Smurfswacker said...

"I'm going to make you suffer for what you did to my movies"??? The roles should be reversed: Supes on the flaming wolf confronting the guys who made the last couple of Superman films.