Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Superbaby Bonanza!

Superman #212 is yet another reprint issue, but we still don't mind because this time it focuses on Superbaby!

Yes, if there was a worse plot device than Superbaby.  I don't know what it was.  He makes Captain Carrot look like Deadpool.  

He also engages in a lot of what we call Unnecessary Animal Abuse (tm!).
But in doing so, he also gives us a chance to explore Things that Sound Dirty, but Really Aren't! (tm!)


Juggling the Monkey!

Socking the Shark!

Spanking the Elephant!

You get the idea.

This was a rare installment of Things that Sound Dirty, but Really Aren't! (tm!)

Meanwhile, this story was awesome:

It's the outrage that's just so darn adorable.

Yeah, that's pretty good.  Props on that one.

Anything that makes a character say "GAA!" is rarely disappointing.

Yeah, that was awesome.  Nothing but respect for that particular tale.  We aren't above showcasing excellence here at CMNS.

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I wish Superbaby was boxing a clown. Think in term,s of s jack-in-the-box with a crank and you'll see where I'm going with this.

Chicago cops have been known to put this phrase in their police reports.

"Offender was caught in the process of boxing his clown in Oz Park while watching episodes of MAUDE on his tablet."

SallyP said...

Considering all the crap that Superman has been putting Lois through, I think that she's entitled to a little payback.

Captain Blog said...

She needs the payback!
Remember this is the same woman who used kryptonite on Supes just to find out his secret identity.
Also is the woman who belittles Clark every chance she gets.
Lois Lane is Satan incarnate! (called it here first)