Monday, November 2, 2015

In Which Superman Fights a Giant One-Eyed Brain and... Well, What Else Do You Need?

A few random mutterings from random Superman comics:

Wow... that's some pretty hilarious stuff, don't you think?  The sad thing is, I didn't edit that comic at all.  That was it.

So what was Avalanche?  Well, it was this:

Keep in mind video games, even Pong, was about ten years away.

Moving on for another installment of:

 And then THAT happened! (tm!)

And then THAT happened! (tm!)

The story is much more entertaining if you just read those two panels.  It came from Superman 209, by the way.

Here's a fun letter from Superman #205:

History tells us that's kinda funny, because within the next ten years of this refusal to have a series that "glorified nogoodniks," we would see a solo Joker series and an entire team of bad-guys in the title role of The Secret Society of Super-Villains and Marvel would come out with Super Villain Team-Up .  Then, about a decade after that, we would have the John Ostrander run of Suicide Squad (the first of many volumes of that title that had a steady team of villains).  And, of course, leave us not to forget Gotham City Sirens, Thunderbolts, Secret Six,etc. that would follow.  Someone on the editorial board just didn't have vision.  Being good is important, but evil throws better parties.

See you tomorrow!

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