Monday, November 16, 2015

The Day it Took Batman and Robin Both to Take Down a One Percenter Trust Fund Baby who Dressed Up as a Mime

I've taken a looksee at the Black Friday sales, and I always said that three hundred bucks was the sweet spot, price-wise.  But there are many PS3 games I wish to play, so I just don't think I'm ready to pull the figurative trigger.  Probably next year.

I realize I digressed, but I've been holding off as long as possible to spare you this:

Now everyone knows that I loves me some Dave Cockrum.

Most of the time.  This is not one of those times.  As you might have guessed by the fact that this comic introduces... the Mime.

But first...

Indeed.  Shut up, Jason Todd. (tm!)

Seriously, SHUT UP, JASON TODD! (tm!)

Anyway, this is the Mime:

Okay, she just shot at someone.  Batman is aware of this.  What does he do?

See?  It's not just that Jason Todd is so annoying, it's how ineffectual his presence in the comic seems to have made Batman.  He failed to apprehend The Mime.

Yes.  It happened.  We can all wish it didn't, but it did.

What was her origin?  Oh, get ready for this:

Yes... fireworks are noisy and she had daddy issues, so... well, the story pretty much wrote itself, didn't it?

Shut up, Ja... oh, wait.  No, he's right this time.

As you might imagine, she hated noisy things... like hair metal:

So, the electricity is pretty much her thing.  I'm not sure what that has to do with being a mime, and it was never really explained.  Or it was explained, and I had just lost interest by then.  Anyway, that made her pretty easy to take down.  Thusly:

Okay, she had a gun, and Batman quickly disarmed her.  Check.

At least he hadn't forgotten how to disarm someone.  I was starting to get worried that he had abandoned his training altogether.

Anyway, with that in mind:

Okay, to review:  You just took a firearm away from her.  She is now threatening you with a big, clunky guitar.  You could just disarm her again, but...

Yeah, we had to give Robin something to do, otherwise there's no point to him.  Which means that, since he was doing something completely unnecessary, there was no point to him.

And then Batman gets all critical of the kids and their loud music:

Shut up, Batman. (tm!)

I just had to tell the freakin' Batman to shut up.  Do you see what this run of Batman comics is doing to all of us?

I read an interview with writer Max Collins and he said (after he mysteriously confessed to having created the Mime) that this was the issue that caused him to quit because his scripts weren't being followed and that was what made the title so terrible at the time. I can understand that frustration, but dude... you created the Mime. On purpose.  And as we shall see, it didn't matter what talent you brought into the mix, there was no salvaging Jason Todd as Robin.  So... yeah, there's probably a legitimate gripe to be griped, but still... YOU CREATED THE MIME!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Even in 1991, I wonder how many people knew the "Copped Copper Clapper" was a bit with Jack Webb and Johnny Carson. Hell, why would Jason even know?

-DS- said...

Yeah, I appreciated the Copper Clapper Caper reference, but it seems strange having a reference to a 1968 comedy skit coming from the mouth of a teenager in (what looks like, if I'm seeing the tiny print on the cover correctly) 1987.

MatGB said...

And now she has her own LEGO figure and is in the LEGO Batman movie.

Thanks for this write up, we got her and had zero clue who she was.

Unknown said...

I just visited this site because of Lego.
Great write up. Awesome minifigure. Bad character.