Monday, November 9, 2015

Super-Girl isn't the First Supergirl if You Spell it Super-Girl. Duh.

Annnnnd..... it's another issue of reprints from Superman #217.

Did you know that Brainiac had a cute sidekick?  You won't see him any stories post Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, but he was actually the best thing about your average Brainiac story back in the day.

Speaking of characters you don't see any more:

What do you mean "always," Lois?  Because I've never seen this guy before. 

I admit I wouldn't have seen that particular prank coming.  How do you get a box of chocolates to do that?  Is there a nozzle in each individual chocolate?

Speaking of things you don't see coming....

To be fair, that isn't really Clark.  Not to spoil anything, but I know you're going to ask me in the comments, so... no, that isn't really Clark.

And since we never see Joe again, I can only presume he died from head trauma.  That took a dark turn.

And then there's Lois:

I'm not sure you have to parachute down into the middle of a flood to do a story about it.  Granted, my career in journalism was quite short, but I would think that just flying over the flood and reporting on it would be due diligence.  Then again, my career in journalism was very short-lived.

I don't know that it's bad luck when your parachute opens.  At least, I don't think that would hold up in court when Lois Lane's estate sues the makers of the parachute.

What do you want from your relationship with Superman, Lois?  I don't think he can crack your subtle feminine wiles.

Yeah, there was a Super-Girl.  Not to be confused with Supergirl.  But she knew Superman's secret identity, so you know where this is going:


Oh, Lois... you're such a jerk.

Yes, take comfort in the fact that the dead woman was replaced by another woman.  That's totally okay in the Superman universe.

You know what we haven't seen in a looooong time? 

Excessively Impossibly Expository Monlogue! (tm!)

I know... we have so many memes at CMNS that some seem to disappear.  But there it was!  Yay!

See you tomorrow!


Cflmaior said...

Wasn't Koko also Betty Boop's faithful clown sidekick? That's a case of Recycled Names (TM)!

Adam Barnett said...

I didn't know that! But my Betty Boop knowledge is non-existent...