Friday, November 20, 2015

The Greatest Superman Story Ever Told!

Dear Ones, I will be taking a staycation next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I'll see you again on Monday, November 30th.  But fret not, because the comic we're looking at today will fill your little bellies all the way through next week and then some.  I give you:

And yes, it's every bit as awesome as the cover would lead you to believe.

It's yet another imaginary tale, but that's perfectly okay when the story is this awesome.  Superman and Lois get married and the greatness ensues:

Am I the only one thinking Seth MacFarlane read this comic when he came up with Stewie Griffin?

First, the expression on Superman's face is hilarious.

Second... I could read about this kid complaining all day.

And then this happens:

Love this kid.  Love him.

Seriously, I would buy two copies a month if this kid got his own series.

Actually, Lois... it's kind of a big deal that Superman almost destroyed the Earth.  He should probably remember that if he's ever in a similar situation.  I appreciate that you're trying to be supportive, but let's not spare Superman's feelings at the expense of the entire planet, what say?

Anyway, the baby goes on a crime spree and Superman resolves the issue the only way that a loving, caring father could:

Yes... by giving his only son a super-lobotomy.

Super-Baby is going in to the CMNS Character Hall of Fame (tm!) for sure.

Have a great week ahead, folks!  I'll miss ya, but we'll have more comic book shenanigans on November 30th!  See you then!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

One of my favorite comics ever. I like to think the writers were much like those on the Dick Van Dyke show.No doubt someone had a kid, a neighbor had a kid, they wouldn't stop talking about their cut little baby. Did you catch sneaky old Curt sneaking his last name into the blocks on the cover.

If you think about it, letting the kid grow up would have turned him into Superboy-Prime.

In regards to the Hall of Fame, please consider Hate-Face from the Legion. When one the the dead Legionnaires was brought to Shangalla, there are other urns and urn-like things there. Hate-Face died saving a lot of people, he deserved his own comic.

Hate-Face today would be known as Dan DiDio.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Hopefully the snow will have missed you. If not, just think about Shadow Lass or Power Girl. That always works for me.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

*cute little baby. Freudian slip on my part? Hmnn.

Unknown said...

OMG...this is Stewie from Family Guy! I mean totally! Deformed head. Gourmet tastes. Intellectual snobbery and sarcastic language. Contemptuous of his parents. Evil super-genius. He even has a mother named Lois!