Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In Which Superman Discovers the Power of the Super-Tantrum

Here are a couple of remaining giggles from Superman #212:

That title amuses me.  It sounds like the result of a defective supercondom.

Anyway, here's an interesting question:

Sooooo... if you have extraordinary gifts, you become property of the government?

Well, I'm sure they take good care of the kids.  The American government values the fundamental rights of individuals and...

Oh.  Well.

Moving on to Superman #214:

Yup!  That's the ghost of Zha-Vam, who was so awesome we spent two days covering his battle with Superman right here and here.  This was also the first appearance of Metallo (in a manner of speaking... I mean, it was his ghost, so...) since his first appearance, which made this story all kinds of awesome.

Smack him around again, Zha-Vam!

"This ghost is the most!"

That's how people used to talk back then.  Do you hear how stupid that sounds?  That's how your grandchildren are going to find your slang in 40 years.

So.... how does Superman defeat this tower of awesome?

Yup.  He yells at him.  That's it.  Thanks for the twelve cents, kid.

Let's finish with some Unnecessary Animal Abuse! (tm!)

Yes... Superman knocked a gorilla unconscious simply as a matter of convenience, and no one thinks twice.  Because it's Superman, and you're supposed to blindly support everything he does.  We don't roll that way here at CMNS.  Nope.

See you tomorrow!

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Gene Phillips said...

I love that phrase: "study him at our leisure." It conjures up the image of a bunch of university eggheads, pontificating on how Superbaby can fly.

Oh well, at least he wasn't sent to Area 51.