Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Live, Superman! Live and Suffer!

I enjoyed yesterday's trouncing of Superman so much, let's check out the second installment of what is perhaps the greatest comic book trilogy ever, courtesy of Action #252:

"The Victory of Zha-Vam!"  Yeah!  Sign me up!

Superman showing off again.  I wish someone would...


Zha-Vam keeps making Superman press one of the letters on that funky belt of his.  I think it's like in prison where they make you grab a guy's pants pocket.

Hey, if I'm solid stone, do you think you could resist the urge at trying to shatter my stone body?

I know... we saw this in the opening panel, but you can't see enough of this sort of thing.


But Superham can't handle someone being more powerful than he is, so he tries to exploit Zha-Vam's weakness.

That is, if Zha-Vam had a weakness:

Woot!  Take that, Big Blue!

You know, I was afraid to read this comic because I was afraid it would somehow undo all of Zha-Vam's good deeds from Action Comics #351.  But I can see that these fears were groundless.  I'm sure that when I read the third part, it will be nothing but feel-good instances like these.  I love comics.

See you tomorrow for more Zha-Vamin' Superman-bashin' good times!


Dave said...

I always hated this story because we got Swan covers, but Boring interior art. I never liked Boring's work -- everyone looked like they were awkward and having stomach trouble.

And then to make it a two-parter? Unforgivable.

Adam Barnett said...

I know what you mean... when I see Neal Adams's work on a cover, everything inside looks pale.