Thursday, July 17, 2014

AND the Blue Beetle Can Even Read Lips! Take THAT, Superman!

As we've seen, the Golden Age Blue Beetle just kind of had whatever powers he felt like he needed at the time.  Heck, he could fly, was bulletproof, super-strong... but like Captain Marvel, one thing that separated him from Superman were things like X-Ray vision, and...

Well, son of a gun.  So... DC sued the publishers of Captain Marvel  because Cap was really strong and could fly around, but they left the Blue Beetle (who was much more like Superman than Captain Marvel ever was) alone?  I suspect it was a case of Captain Marvel selling more comics.

Here's a little something:  

I love the chastity belt feature this thing apparently has.  That is hilariously wrong.

And so is this:

Okay, if you're going to wear shorts and no leggings, you have no business wearing white trunks.  It's just too hard to pretend that doesn't look like you're running around in your underwear.  Off to the Costume Hall of Shame (tm!) for V-Man!

See you tomorrow!

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