Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Which Hydroman Leads Me to Recall The Flintstone Comedy Hour

Taking a look at Heroic Comics #17, starting with the Hydroman story.  Most heroes have that certain someone they go to for information.  Usually, it's someone in law enforcement, an underworld informant, a rebel journalist or some sort of overlooked genius.  Who does Hydroman go to for the straight story?

Rainbow Boy.  And this is why, despite the reasonable coolness factor of Hydroman's powers, Hydroman never really took off.  As the saying goes, "A man is judged by the company he keeps."

He also didn't wear a mask, which is for some reason never a problem for unmasked heroes in comics...

... but of course, it was a huge issue for Hydroman, who was immediately recognized.  The guy is the Bad Luck Schleprock of the comics world.

And here's another thing:

Okay, the Translite Suit protects him from bullets and other forms of bodily injury.  Everyone got that?

So, can someone explain to me how, in that very same story:

Yup.  Hydroman apparently forgot his suit would have protected him from the gun.  To be fair, it's probably hard to remember all that stuff under pressure.

Oh, and for those of you who are younger than 40, this is who Bad Luck Schleprock was:

Was Fred Flintstone holding a jar of Flintstone's vitamins in that early exchange with Barney Rubble?  I think he was.  And yes, Bad Luck Schleprock first appeared in The Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show a year earlier (in 1971), but this intro had footage of him dancing.   You're welcome.

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Unknown said...

Talking about forgetting his powers, couldn't Hydroman just have turned to water and flowed out through the bars?

Adam Barnett said...

Weird thing about Hydroman: He can't seem to just turn to water like the Spider-Man villain. It's like, there needs to be water around and he then merges with it. But it can be completely disproportionate. I've seen situations where a small glass of water enable him to turn into a mini-Tsunami. Is actual contact with the water required? What happens when he merges with the water to the point that he can go through drainage pipes and come out of faucets? And can I presume he can't come out of a faucet that isn't turned on? I think they just went with whatever the story called for at the time, consistency be durned...

MarvelX42 said...

That is an interesting limitation to a power. I would make for an interesting roleplaying character. But, if he needed water to merge with, he should have carried a canteen. Slso, maybe his suit protects him from bullets but......at point blank range.....? Maybe not so much?