Monday, July 14, 2014

My Bomb Goes "Poof!"

Dear Ones, I cannot begin to tell you how insane life has become... and not in a good way, I'm afraid.  So, posts may be a little off for a while until things come together.

But for today...

Oh, man.  Am I the only one having a flashback to Superman III when Superman fights Clark Kent for no particular reason?

If not, here it is:

Yeah, they had the original on YouTube, but I liked this better.

Moving on:

I haven't even cracked the cover, but I find it amusing that the extinction of all mankind on Earth will go "poof!"  They even try and make it look scary with the font, but still... "poof!"

Here's something interesting:

Apparently, this was through the magic of chemistry.  They gave you some photo paper and some negatives that had Batman scenes in 'em.  You'd put the negative in front of the paper and put them both in a plastic holder.  You'd then hold the whole thing up to a light for five minutes, and you'd have a photo.

WOW, that sounds boring.

As opposed to this:

It wasn't so much a "drawing" desk as it was a "tracing" desk, which is about the extent of my artistic ability.  But it came with sheets of DC characters in various poses, so you could manipulate them and come up with a number of different drawings.  Apparently, there was a Spider-Man / Hulk version as well that I am deeply resentful I missed out on.

Again, sorry in advance for the post situation, but life has just gone off the rails for now.  But let's be optimistic and say...

See you tomorrow!


Nathan said...

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a poof.

E. Bernhard Warg said...

Holy literal identity theft!