Monday, July 21, 2014

Spankings, Mermen, Cavemen, and Batman Playing a Harp. You're Welcome.

I am totally on board with the Falcon being the new Captain America, but whatever happened to Bucky being Cap?  I am so far behind.

But a female Thor?  I'll wait and see.  I've never been a big Thor fan... translating the dialogue has always been kind of a drag.  That may be why I liked him in The Ultimates.

Anyway, Action Comics #347 brings about another Bizarro story.  I'm always down for a Bizarro story, but I still think that they're impossible to write if you want be consistent.  F'rinstance:

I would think that in Bizarro World, eating the utensils and the bowl would be applauded.  And while I'm on the subject...

... wouldn't you hug your child for being naughty?  You see where I'm going with this.

Let's check in on Jerro the man-fish guy:

Jerro took a hit!  Man down!  Merman down!

Jerro just learned what all guys must learn: If there's a reason a girl gives you that she can't be with you other than she's just not into you, it is a lie designed to spare your feelings.  That's it.  Every time.

Enough of that sadness.  We need something awesome:

Well, Superman getting clubbed by a caveman is pretty awesome.

But not as awesome as this:

I know.  You want to thank me, but you just can't find the words.  You're welcome, dear ones.  I'm a giver.  It's what I do.

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Is there any reason why the text repeats three times in today's post?

But, far more importantly, where does that Batman panel come from? I need that comic!

Adam Barnett said...

Technical difficulties that have been fixed... The panel is from the Supergirl story in Action #350.

Unknown said...

Thank you. Off to ebay I go!