Friday, July 18, 2014

Supergirl is Forbidden to Have a Family Because Superman is a Selfish Jerk

I've always been a sucker for reprint collections.  For a smidgen of coin, you'd get pages and pages of old comics that would cost quite a chunk of change if you could even find them.  When I first started reading comics, I was exposed to Batman 100 page giants with a cover price of 60 cents.  Can you imagine?

But heck, even in the 80's, you could get those little DC Blue Ribbon Digests that were about the dimensions of Archie Digests and had several reprints for under a buck.  I loved those things.  Of course, now I can network through the interwebs and track down just about anything, but nothing was more exciting than finding a reprint anthology at the convenience store.  Those were the days, my friend.
Anyhoo, Action #347 is such a collection, which makes it awesome.  Let's check it out as Supergirl engages in cruelty to animals... and not for the first time:

So, who was the whale attacking that required that use of force?


Yes, the whale was just doing his whale thing, being a whale.  But Supergirl decided that assaulting the whale into near unconsciousness was the best way to transport a drowning kid to shore.  She has all the powers of Superman, and that was her go-to.  OY!

And then, it's off to the orphanage for the kid:

Well, that's kind of a mean thing to do.  "Blank" is defined as "bare, empty or plain."  It's not like the kid doesn't have enough problems.  Why don't you just call him Billy Unloved and be done with it?

We haven't had a new meme in a bit, so I'm starting one.  This one is called I Hope They Only Did That Once! (tm!)

Supergirl disguises herself as Superman.  That is an unsettling visual.

I Hope They Only Did That Once! (tm!)

Let's skip to the end:

Whoa whoa whoaaaaa!  So, Superman not only refused to adopt Supergirl himself, but he forbade her from getting adopted by anyone else?  I've fallen for girls like that: They won't get involved with you, but they get all jealous if you start to develop something with anyone else.  Blarg.  Superman is such a tool.

See you Monday!

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