Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm Supposed to be a Big Shot and Live Like One!

I don't know why I do this to myself, but let's pick apart Public Defender in Action #8!

As your court-appointed counsel, I appreciate that you've kept your expectations low.  We'll get along fine.

Well, swearing you did something after you told me you didn't would actually be a big ethical problem, but I'm more concerned about the fact that I seem to have just lost my pipe.

Hey, we're standing pretty closely together here.  Maybe we should scoot over a bit so the prosecutor doesn't hear everything we say to each other.  I should probably also object to his improper statements.  Oh, well.  It's most likely too late now.  You can't un-ring a bell, you know.

I wasn't sure we agreed you were going to do that.  Oh, well.  Never mind.


Hmmm... you have a point.  I should probably have requested a continuance before he told the judge he was guilty.  That may put us at a bit of a disadvantage at trial.

Man, I'm having a hard day.  Let's fight!

You're in trouble now!  I found my pipe!

Drat.  I lost my pipe again!  Don't make me get unethical!  Because we've all seen that's a road I often travel.

I can't withdraw.  I was appointed!  Didn't you hear me say that to my client at the beginning of the story?  Because I clearly have no problem telling you everything.

I swear, Starr... if you make me drop this pipe again...

This may seem a bit outlandish, but the book is called Public Defender IN ACTION!

More action!

Now, where's my pipe?  Oh, here it is!

The bank directors paid you?  Wait a minute, aren't you a district attorney?  If not, what is your involvement in this case?  This makes no sense!  I will smite you!

Your gun won't kill me, Starr!  I plan on many years ahead of me filled with tobacco-related health concerns.

Seriously, what was Starr's role?  It's like Matt Murdock in the 2003 Daredevil movie where he was prosecuting that guy in court (and did a rather poor job of it, I might add), even though Murdock is a private attorney. This thing just makes no sense.  Then again, that's the title of the blog, so I guess I should be grateful.  So... thanks?

Blarg.  See you tomorrow!

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