Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Batman Knows How You Gals Think

I've gotta tell you, I just saw the trailers for Ant-Man and I think it'll be pretty good.  Then again, we all know what a sucker I am for B-characters.  I note that they're using Scott Lang and not Henry Pym, which makes sense because Pym will probably be a big part of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.

And, before I forget to ask, how was the Daredevil series?  I don't have Netflix, so am I missing something good?

On to Batman #206!

Hmmm... why did they have the boots open like that?  Is that to imply that they took his laces?  Do his boots have laces?  Are they making him walk with open boots so he'll kind of waddle?  That's rather cruel, all things considered.

Also, as I once again climb aboard my soapbox about words on covers, imagine how much more intrigued you'd be if they had just let the picture sit on its own.  As it is, now I have this earworm in my head:


This will go great in my collection of random human hairs!

Then, Batman gets a little sexist:

No blonde would want to be a brunette, because every woman bases her physical appearance on what she believes a man perceives as beautiful.  Women are here only for our pleasure, Robin.  Women know that, and now you do as well.

Then things take a really unfortunate turn:

Yeah, Chief Sittin'-In, Li'l Moose and Big Squat are performing at a disco.  
And the name of their group is "Custer's Last Stand."
And none of them are Native American.

Yup.  Double ugh, indeed.

See you tomorrow, hepcats!

1 comment:

Erich said...

"This is the...end!"
What an odd place for an ellipsis and/or dramatic pause. "This is...the end!" seems a bit more natural. Of course, as you say, leaving the text off the cover completely would be even better.

I'm picturing Redbone storming the stage and kicking the collective asses of "Custer's Last Stand," while singing "Come and Get Your Love."