Tuesday, May 13, 2014

THOR! No, not THAT Thor...

 Checking out the Golden Age Blue Beetle #6, with my first sighting ever of "Dynamite" Thor: 

Complete with origin paragraph:

Wait a minute.  His real name is Peter Thor and he's calling himself "Dynamite" Thor?  I'm no expert in the secret identity game, but I think he could have put a little more effort into his code name.  "Bucky" was a terrible code name for Captain America's sidekick, but it was only a nickname.  Anyone with access to a phone directory could probably get a couple of leads on this guy.

And for some reason:

"Knowledge of explosives" constitutes the power of flight.  Well, of course it does.

What's with that chest emblem?  Are those a bunch of bananas?  That would actually make up for the short pants.

Hmmmm... if those little pellets can do that on impact, how does he keep them from jostling each other in that belt that he totally ripped off from Batman?  Did he end up blowing himself to Kingdom Come?  Because I would pay cash money to see that.

My what shield?  I'm pretty sure he's just making stuff up at this point.

A televizer?  Now I know he's just making stuff up and the other guy just doesn't want to come across as ignorant.

Hey!  It's photographic evidence of Kooba Cola!

And look at all the crap you can get with Kooba Cola bottle caps!

This guy was a genius.  Although it wasn't that "easy to save Kooba bottle caps" because they never existed.  But aside from that one little detail (well, that and the fact that I'm not saving bottle caps to get a "housecleaning kit"), I cannot figure out for the life of me why the scheme didn't work.

See you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

I think the thing on his chest is supposed to be cannabis.

Adam Barnett said...

I had wondered that, but the color is all wrong, so I wondered if it was like when cartoon gorillas give each other bouquets of bananas instead of flowers?

Unknown said...

Wait a minute. Being a mine owner makes you immune to the power of explosions?

Sometimes they just phoned in these Golden Age origins, didn't they?

Adam Barnett said...

Beloved is married to an attorney and thinks she can give legal advice. Same thing. :-)