Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Blue Beetle Doesn't Meet the Cavity Creeps... But Wouldn't That be Awesome?

Over the weekend, I said to Beloved in all seriousness: "Well, clearly we're not smart enough for corn on the cob."  That's a little real-world Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) for you there.

Meanwhile, what's going on in Golden Age Blue Beetle #10?  I'm glad you asked:

You know, I can understand a little show of superior firepower if that's going to psyche your opponent out, but it seems like he's crossed the line into giving away all his secrets.  Vitamin 2x, you say?  Igor, look that up on the Google!

Anyway, this brings us to a double-feature of He Probably Should Have Seen That Coming! (tm!)

Sure, he was just trying to kill you, but why not have a seat and chat?

Yes, go on.

As the Blue Beetle...

... Probably Should Have Seen That Coming! (tm!)

Remember what I said earlier about how the Blue Beetle probably shouldn't blab everything about his arsenal?


And now for part 2:

Okay, first... The guy has fangs.  You shouldn't follow him anywhere.

And secondly, the expression on the guy's face tells me he wants to make a music box out of my chest cavity.  For an ace reporter, Joan is pretty unobservant.

So, let's say it together:


... Probably Should Have Seen That Coming! (tm!)

And what kind of an arch-villain name is "Sugar," anyway?  Know it made me think of?  This:

And since I'm on the subject:

It's really sad that I can vividly remember things people now think of as "vintage."  The calendar has its way with us all, I suppose.

See you tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

The phrase "beloved wall of teeth" disturbs me for some reason.