Monday, May 12, 2014

A Major Leaguer at Smooching!

Taking a look at Action Comics #306, and there's action a'plenty!

Just a different kind of action:

The Annual Daily Planet Christmas Party... to be followed on Monday by the Annual Daily Planet Mandatory Sexual Harassment Seminar.

Super-Kiss?  If that's legit, I'm a little concerned about other "super" abilities Clark is packing along those lines...

Keep those hands where we can see 'em, Jimmy.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the look on your face as you're watching this.

I'm thinking this is more oxygen deprivation than anything else.  He probably shoved her lungs full of carbon monoxide to teach her some humility.

Oy! I'm getting out of here before people start Xeroxing body parts.  Although I don't think they had photocopiers back then, so they probably had to use mimeograph machines.  I would imagine that to be quite painful.  A lot of people probably visited Metropolis Hospital after the Annual Daily Planet Christmas Party, but that's pure conjecture on my part. 

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

and so very sadly, a young Richard Lester saw this comic book and said, If I ever direct a Superman movie, that's how I'll make Lois forget Clark is Superman!"

Anonymous said...

Back then this was considered acceptable; these days 'fire-able offense."

Anonymous said...

And finally, the answer to how Jason White came to be in 'Superman Returns."

Gene Phillips said...

Wouldn't it be Clark who could file harassment charges, since Lois openly states that she's going to kiss him?