Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Man Dies, But the Ape Lives On!

There's only one way to properly get back into the swing of things after a three-day weekend... GORILLAS!

Or, to be more accurate, The Gorilla, who made his debut in Golden Age Blue Beetle #9:

Yup... it was very Frankenstein-ish, but there are only so many origin stories floating around (even in 1941), so that's what we're going with.

The guy who eventually became THE Gorilla wasn't a particularly nice fella.  He was actually the evil Dr. Brock's lab assistant, so he was certainly a party to all of the kidnappings and the unpleasantness that followed.

But, as is often the case, a woman divided them:

And I guess the good doctor didn't take "Mad Scientist 101" at university, because, as we like to say around here:

He Probably Should Have Seen That Coming. (tm!)

But rats don't die in their own... you know what?  You're a gorilla.  Mix your metaphors all you like.

But there was curve here.  I figured The Gorilla would become a hero of sorts.  Nope.  He's still cheesed that he was rejected by Dr. Brock's niece and... well, there's that whole "You killed my human body and now I'm a gorilla" thing:

Revenge.  REVENGE! (tm!)

I'm not sure why he's so cheesed.  Gorillas are physically superior to us in dang near every way, aren't they?  There are worse places your brain can end up.  Although in comics, it seems like your transplanted brain is always going to end up somewhere that gives you some varying level of super-powers.  It's kind of the law.

Hey!  It's an appearance by Kooba Cola!

Get your free giant bottle of something that doesn't exist!  The New Drink!  The New Thrill!  The New Flavor (that we haven't figured out yet)!  "Drink to Me Only with Kooba... America's Favorite Cola Drink!"

I love the disclaimer: "The Kooba Corporation... assumes no liability in the event coupon is not redeemable."

I also love that back in the day, a 12 ounce bottle was big enough for two.  By that logic, a family of six could have gotten by on a Big Gulp.  How things do change...

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

I REALLY don't understand how they could advertise and try to sell something that didn't exist. There was never ever even a single bottle of the stuff ever made? How can that be?

Unknown said...

There is one physical aspect where a gorilla fails to measure up to human. The Gorilla would have found himself considerably, shall we say, under-endowed compared to what his was used to.

And if he got into this mess because of a girl, that might go some way to explaining his rage.

Scipio said...

X42; think of it as pre-internet crowd-funding.