Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Got De Dough, But I Ain't Never Paid Yet!

Dear Ones, before we take a gander at Startling Comics #33, I was told about something kind of nifty that I thought you might enjoy: A hilariously twisted take on old-time superhero radio programs called Captain Punishment.  In the interests of full disclosure, I was given absolutely nothing for the shout-out.  I just think it's kinda cool and thought we should encourage their efforts.

The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour is a new podcast in the style of the old radio shows like Superman, Batman or The Shadow. It features the misadventures of one Francis Townhouse AKA Captain Punishment, as he fights evil bad guys in his hometown of Skagg City, USA. It's a comic book parody that features plenty of action and side splitting hi-jinks.

We have a whole season scheduled for 2014, with new 20-30 minute episodes released every two weeks, but we're kicking it off with the Christmas Special -

In a tale from Captain Punishment's past, we find our hero on Christmas Eve, longing for the ultimate Christmas gift. But when an evil gang known as the "Holiday Hate Hooligans" threaten to destroy Christmas, our hero, alongside super-spy Mick Fierce, must save the day from these holiday themed terrorists.

Can Punishment and Fierce make their way to the North Pole, penetrate Santa's defenses and discover the real culprit behind this nefarious plot to derail America's favorite holiday? Only good little boys and girls who listen will find out the answers.

Mind you, these are the Four Comrades.  The good guys.  Sneaking into a circus without paying.  Because good young Americans don't pay for stuff.  Nice example for the kids, jerks.

Hey, let's check in on Don Davis, Espionage Ace!

Keep at it, Don!  It's not how many times they knock you down, it's how many times you get back up!

Here's an interesting find:

Okay, I'm wondering why that wouldn't actually work.

And did you see who the cartoonist was?  Is this the same Jim Davis who does Garfield?  I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer, so if you see something, let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow!


Green Luthor said...

Not sure if you were kidding about Jim Davis or not (hard to tell on the Internet and all), but the guy who does Garfield was born in July 1945, and Startling Comics #33 was cover dated May 1945, so I'd have to say it's not the same person...

Adam Barnett said...

I had thought he'd have to be pretty young, but leave it to me to say "different dude" and have Garfield fans from all over tell me there's a connection. :-)

Buzz said...

"Garfield fans from all over"

MarvelX42 said...

MarvelX42 said...

So.....what do you think about that link? Someone actually DID make that bicycle lawnmower thing. Several someones in fact.