Friday, December 6, 2013

My Knife Objects to Your Being Alive!

The weather outside is frightful, but we have Startling Comics #32 to keep us warm...

Okay (1) I believe that's called a "griffin."  (2) A lion with wings by any other name is always something to worry about.  It's like a chimpanzee with an Uzi.

Hey!  It's time for an installment of Well.... Touche! (tm!)

Well.... Touche! (tm!)

Meanwhile.  Invasion!  AIEE!

That was the most non-eventful invasion ever. 

And now, we're going to start a new CMNS meme I like to call Random Spankings! (tm!)

Here's one now!

See you Monday, weather permitting!


Buzz said...

"my knife objects to your being alive"... that is actually a really awesome line!

MarvelX42 said...

It is. Also it is public domain. Some movie writer should steal it.

Unknown said...

The most non-evenful invasion had me in tears.

MarvelX42 said...

Actually to be a true griffin, it would have the head, wings and talons of an eagle and the body tail and hind legs of a lion. The front legs being the talons. So he was correct in saying that it was a lion with wings. The depictions vary of course but the majority are as I described.