Thursday, December 19, 2013

Prodded on by the Insane Boy, the Dinosaur Stampedes through Campus...

So I'm reading the first issue of 4Most Comics, and I was enthralled by this tale from a feature called Dick Cole.  Near as I can tell, Dick Cole was adopted, pumped up with steroids of some sort, and was sent to a military school called "The Farr Academy."

He also would hop into cars with strangers.

To be fair, if a stranger has a chauffeur, then the candy they're offering you to get in the car is probably all kinds of amazing.

And things go as you might expect:

Reggie is fairly important to the story, in the sense that he makes the story.  Here we can see how Reggie learned to relate to other boys:

Oh, well.  Boys will be boys.

Everyone attends the Farr Academy.  This is their code:

I'm never sure who decides what the Will of God is, but I'm even more troubled by "... as becomes our race."  What the heck is going on Farr Academy?  I admit, I read the entire story and didn't see one person that wasn't Caucasian.

Anyway, Reggie is a little... socially awkward in dealing with his peers:

But Reggie also seems to have a dinosaur that he rides around, so I'm sure they cut him some slack:

Yeah, I don't know how much I'm going to enjoy the Dick Cole feature, but I suspect that's going to depend in a large degree how much Reggie I'm given in the future:

Rock on, Reggie!  Rock on!

See you tomorrow!


The Tree Monster said...

So many stories depend upon the Reggies of the fiction world

MarvelX42 said...

Weirdest comic you have posted about so far.

Buzz said...

"mind if I feel of your muscle?"