Friday, December 13, 2013

Captain Future Takes Over From Here!

Sorry for the late post, gang, but I've been having technical difficulties of late.  I prefer to have posts show up right at midnight, but getting things uploaded and posted has been really challenging.  So, bear with me and hopefully things will get sorted out. 

Meanwhile, let's check out Startling Comics #34:

... and I was also wanting to show you these pants.  Do you think they make my thighs look big?

Yes, I know these have some purpose.  I just think they look ridiculous.  What is the point of those pants, anyway?  Someone tell me in the comments.

And now, for an installment of Well... There ya go. (tm!):

Well... There ya go. (tm!)

Taking a look now at Captain Future, I just now (yes, after 34 issues) noticed that the good Captain came from the Clark Kent School of Disguises:

And then when he would become Captain Future, he looked exactly the same, spit curl and all:

I'm not sure why he's referring to himself in the second and third person, but I guess that's really not my concern.

Anyway, here he is with two people with whom he shares close contact on a regular basis:

As was the case with Phantom Lady, I'm not sure these people aren't just humoring him.  Yeah, Andy Bryant ... that guy who isn't you at all.

See you Monday!


Green Luthor said...

I can't really tell you the point of those pants, but I can tell you that they're called jodhpurs, if that helps.

Adam Barnett said...

THANK you! I had no idea what they were called!

Britt Reid said...

Doc Savage wore them (along with a torn shirt) on the Bantam Books reprints.
Note: It's not how he was portrayed in the original pulps, where he usually wore a business suit.

Smurfswacker said...

The pants (jodhpurs) were designed for riding in the days before stretch fabrics. The flared hips allow the legs and hips to move freely. The lower legs are tight fitting so they don't flop around. I guess old-time heroes wore jodhpurs because they were associated with certain military costumes and real-life "adventurers" sometimes wore them.

Adam Barnett said...

Neat, Smurfswacker! Thanks!